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Zionist forces killed 363 Palestinian civilians

Zionist forces killed 363 Palestinian civilians

Zionist shelling in the northern Strip killed two girls and a third civilian in the south Tuesday morning. The girls, 4 and 11-year old sisters, were riding in a donkey-driven carriage on As-Sekka Street in Jabaliya. Medical sources said Zionist missiles made a direct hit on the carriage.

The third casualty was a passerby, killed by flying debris as Zionist warplanes dropped missiles on a de facto government police station in Al-Qarara east of Khanyounis.

Early in the morning on Zionist entity's fourth day of attack residents could hear heavy shelling and airstrikes against the northern and central regions of the Gaza Strip.

The death toll has reached 363 with more than 1,700 injured, hundreds seriously so.

In the southern Gaza Strip a de facto government building was demolished when Zionist launched two missiles at the structures. This is the second time Zionist entity has targeted the buildings, the first was on Saturday in the first wave of massive strikes.

 Al-Bureij area in the central Gaza Strip and northern villages reported dozens of explosions, though no injuries have been reported from those attacks.