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Zionist forces killed 300 Palestinian civilians

Zionist forces killed 300 Palestinian civilians

Zionist warplanes launched a series of sporadic  and incessant raids at targets in Gaza Strip, the middle of the night and early today. The raids resulted on killing number of martyrs and wounding others, the total number of the martyrs rose to more than 300 hundred & 1000 injuries, most of the martyrs are children and women.

The Zionist war planes carried out a raid on the headquarters of Interior Ministry in Tal El-Hawa, in another raid, the war planes destroyed the house of Hamas leader, Raed al-Attar,  which resulted the deaths of two children and injuring 7 others, a third attach was targeted a repository of medicine in the municipality of Rafah..

The Zionist warplanes destroyed a mosque in Jabaliya, killing at least seven Palestinian civilians, emergency teams rescued them from the rubble, also five Palestinians were killed from Balousha family between them children after the Zionist war planes the family house in Jabaliya camp, north of Gaza strip.

The Zionist war planes fired after the middle of the night several missiles towards the headquarters of the students at the Islamic University in the Tel al-Hawa area, south of Gaza City.

Witnesses said that five missiles fired from aircraft 'F-16' has rocked the region, targeting the headquarters of the students at the university.

Warplanes also targeted the Gaza seaport, which was launched from the war planes "F-16" by several missiles, leaving him with serious damage