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Prisoners Memorial

Nahed Abed Al Kader Hmaid

  • Detaining: 2007
  • Biet Hanoun city
Nahed Abed Al Kader Hmaid

Mohammed Sabha

  • Man of hard situations
  • Anabta city
Mohammed Sabha



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Akram Zaki Al Sae'edi

Akram Zaki Al Sae'edi
  • No surrender
  • Al Mughraqa village



On July 5th, 1980 Al Sae'edi family was waiting the birth of a new baby whom they named later Akram. This Palestinian family, which was expelled from their home in Yebna in 1948 to end in Al Nusairat refugees camp in the mid of the Gaza strip, received its new member and grew him up on Islamic virtues.

 Akram studied in the UN primary and preparatory schools before stop studying due to their difficult circumstances. Akram left school and moved to help his father Zaki in grocery, and then he worked in building to help his family.

Akram was not the only son for his parents, he was not the eldest, but he was the closest to his parents' heart. He was obedient to parents, kind with sisters and brothers. He used to help needy people and you could always see him smiling at your face. Really, he had a pure heart.

Turning Point:      

The year 2001 was a juncture in Akram's life; he joined Hamas movement and participated in most of its activities. In the same year, he was approved to be one of Al Qassam mujahideen where he was trained by the martyred leader Adnan Al Goul. Akram used to work in the military wing of Hamas under a thick cover of secrecy due to his residence near the Netzarim ex-settlement.


In the mourning of June 27th, 2003, the Zionist forces stormed the village of Al Mughraqa in Nusairat camp. The forces stormed Akram's house and forced all family to go out of it. All of them went out, but Akram didn't. Although the Zionist soldiers threaten to kill his family, he refused to surrender and clashed with them in a heroic battle ended with his capture as well as his father and his two brothers Awad and Suhaib, and the martyrdom of his brother Zachariah who fought with the Zionist forces until they destroyed the house while he was inside.

Sentence…list of charges:

The Zionist illegitimate court accused Akram with many charges, some of them was:

  1. Resisting the occupation forces.
  2. Firing rockets toward Zionist settlements.
  3. Belonging to Hamas and working with Al Qassam Brigades.

According to the above mentioned charges, the Zionist occupation sentenced Akram to imprisonment for 25 years.

Family's visit:

As all Palestinian prisoners' families, Akram's family suffers from the visit. His mother said that their last visit was in 2005. She added that they face the worst treatment that the Zionist occupation practices all kinds of humiliation against them. Most of the time, the Zionist occupation prevent them from the visit after a long trip of suffering.