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Prisoners Memorial

Akram Zaki Al Sae'edi

  • No surrender
  • Al Mughraqa village
Akram Zaki Al Sae'edi

Abed Al Basit Al Mahmom

  • Torture and sacrifices
  • Rafah city
Abed Al Basit Al Mahmom



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Tamer Mahmoud Ad-Draine

Tamer Mahmoud Ad-Draine
  • The Protector of Palestine
  • Jabalia camp


The Palestinian prisoners are the vanguard of the Glory, they were arrested when they were defending their sanctities & the dignity & honor of nations, the martyr is sacrificing his spirit for liberating his land, the Palestinian detainee is giving freedom also to liberate his land.

He was born in June 27th, 1984 in the north of Gaza strip, his roots back to the occupied village "Karatia", which occupied in 1948. He brought up in a family believes of determinism of liberating Palestinian land.

His parents raised him on honor, glory and respect the others, he gained from his family the love to his land and he must resist the occupiers.


He has learned from the walls of his neighborhood where he grew up how to be true manhood, and how to be heroes and how they do, he learned the steadfast to be a knight like defending his land.

He was very calm & shy since he was a child, his father brought him to be a real man, and he was visiting the mosque everyday to read the holy Qur'an.

He finished his primary, preparatory & high stages in his camps schools. The he joined to Al Aqsa University in the factuality of Art, but he didn’t continue due to the Zionist arrest to him.


On October 1st, 2004, Tamer was arrested near Erez crossing, he was directed to the crossing but the Oslo forces [PA forces] arrested him and give him up to the Zionist entity.  

Illegal Zionist court:

The Zionist courts sentence him 20 years in the prison in addition to financial penalty.

No visit:

As all Palestinian families, Amjad family suffered a lot because they could not visit him continually. During this Intifada, they did not manage to visit him since moment of arrested.

Nowadays, the Zionist authorities depriving from seeing anyone, because he is from Gaza strip, it should be mention that all Gaza prisoners are deprived from seeing their families.