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Prisoners Memorial

Hani Jaber

  • The man of iron missions
  • Al Khalil city
Hani Jaber

Younis Abu Al Feeta

  • Sentenced: Unknown
  • Biet Hanoun city
 Younis Abu Al Feeta



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Hasan Maher Al-Kafarna

Hasan Maher Al-Kafarna
  • Sentence: Three years
  • Biet Hanoun

Biet Hanoun

Name: Hasan Al-Kafarna.

Resident: Biet Hanoun city.

Nick Name: Abu Bilal.

Sentenced: Three Years.


He has brave situations, he fight the Zionist enemy on behalf of his family and the Palestinian people  with these words Hasan was described by his friends.




Hasan Al Kafarna was born in Biet Hanoun north of Gaza strip, the Palestinian community knew this family as a decent one. All the Palestinians recognize his family as the "resistant family".


His father raised him on the good manners and the virtue. His mother taught him to be strong especially in front of the Zionist entity and taught him to fight the Zionist occupation with everything he had.




He finished his primary stage in Biet Hanoun schools, then he finished his high school in Hayel Abed Al-Hameed. As all the Palestinian people, economic situation for Hasan's family was very difficult so he was forced to leave his education and directing to work to help his father.


During his education years, he was known between his friends with his manners. He was generous with his friends. His neighbors witnessed when we met them that Hasan was helping the poor people and check their needs.


His parents:


Hasan has special relation with his parents, he committed to protect them and bring them their needs due to their elder. After his marriage, his wife said that was kind with his children, he has two children from his faithful wife.


Hasan joined the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas - and work in the Islamic bloc the students' branch to Hamas. He participated his brothers in the movement in many activities and events as marches and rallies.


Arresting operation

In the first day of November, 2006, he was arrested by the Zionist occupation forces which invaded the town of Beit Hanoun, after two days of clashes, Zionist forces by its tanks, planes and soldiers took control of the entrances and exits of the city.


on Friday, November, 3rd, 2006, and during the harsh aggression against the Palestinian people in Biet Hanoun, his mother took a pullet in her leg, so he directed to the hospital through the farms and houses but the Zionist occupation forces arrest him.


Trial ... and the charges against Hasan


The Zionist court accused Hasan with many accusations, the main one was joining to the Islamic resistance Hamas. He was sentenced 3 years.