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Prisoners Memorial

Mohammed Jabir

  • Sentence: For life
  • Al Khalil city
Mohammed Jabir

Amjad Izat Qabha

  • Sentence: 18 years
  • Jenin city
Amjad Izat Qabha



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Basil Katana

Basil  Katana
  • Sentence: For life
  • Nablus city

OF fear from him

Name: Basil Ghazi Katana.

Residence: Nablus city.

Arresting day: July 31st,2003



Basil was born in November 13th,1983, in Nablus city. He finished his primary and preparatory studying in Nablus schools. He succeeded to finish his school in high average,92%. He lived a  beautiful childhood. His family was humble.

He joined to Al Najah university in the electric engineering department. He was fond of sport. He was always visit the clubs to practice sport, such as football and other kinds of sport.   

The arresting day

His brother was arrested. In July 31st,2003. The Zionist forces surrounded his house in the popular habitation east of Nablus camp. The forces asked the people in the building to leave it. His family left their house. The forces thought that may be a big clash will happen. So they brought ambulances and other medical requires. At the same night, the Zionist forces arrested the mujahid Eyad Mansur.   

The journey of suffering

He was transformed to Huwara jail for three days for investigation. Then he was transferred  again to Al Masqubia jail for sixty days. He spent his days in Al Masqubia jail in the isolation. He exposed to sever torture during the investigation. He also transformed to Asqlan jail  for more investigations.

He exposed to all kinds of torture, physical and mental torture by hanging and beating on sensitive areas of  his body.


The Zionist administrations prevented his parents to visit him. They were able to see him just in the court. The jail administration prevented him  when they reached to the gate of the jail. The administration allowed his sister,9 years, to visit him.   

The accusations were:

·         Joining to Islamic resistance Hamas.

·         Joining  the military wing Al Qassam Brigades.

·         Arranging to martyrdom operation.   

None of these accusations were proved. And despite that, he was sentenced for a life. His parents and his brother hope to see him soon.