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This is the month for Palestinians to remember their Nakba, or "catastrophe," in which more than 700,000 women, men and children were pushed off their land and rendered homeless refugees by the Israeli attacks before, during and after war in1948.



Hamas launches today donation campaign for refugees displaced from Syria

Hamas launches today donation campaign for refugees displaced from Syria

Al Qassam website- Beirut- The Hamas Movement said it would launch on Saturday its aid campaign "It is our duty" to collect in-kind and financial donations for the Palestinian refugees fleeing the internal conflict in Syria to Lebanon.

In a press release on Friday, Hamas declared the campaign would kick off at Al-Quds Islamic complex in Burj Al-Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut.

Hamas also held in Beirut on Friday a lunch feast in honor of the displaced refugees who came from Syria in Shatila refugee camp.

Dozens of displaced Palestinian families and national figures from Shatila camp attended the lunch meeting.

Representative of Hamas in Lebanon Ali Baraka gave a speech during the launch event and called for not involving the Palestinian refugees in the inter-Syrian conflict.

Barak stated that the presence of Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon is temporary and appealed to human rights groups to support them.
Thousands of Palestinian refugees in Syria have fled to Lebanon after their camps were bombed and invaded by the Syrian regime forces.

Their refugee camps were also blockaded by these forces that prevented the access of food and humanitarian assistance to them.


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