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Turkish newspaper: Israel is increasing its international isolation

Turkish newspaper: Israel is increasing its international isolation

Al Qassam website- Istanbul- The Turkish media dealt with the special session held by the Knesset to discuss historical allegations about the Armenian genocide in 1915 in Turkey during Ottoman rule.

Several Turkish newspapers such as "Zaman" and "Yeni Safak" and "Milliyet" belittled the re-production of such scenario, especially after the failure of the previous French government, led by Sarkozy, in issuing a resolution criminalizing the denial of the alleged Armenian genocide.

The Turkish press addressed also reactions inside the Zionist entity itself, leading the Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin to say: "We do not have any intention to hold Turkey or the current Turkish government responsibility for this issue," stressing on the need not to exploit it politically.

Many analysts view that Israel has become in an awkward position due to the mistakes it continues to commit against Turkey, which is still waiting for Israel to implement the three Turkish conditions to restore the Turkish-Israeli relationships, namely, to apologize for its crime, which caused the death of nine Turks who had been on Marmara ship and to compensate their families and to end the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

For his part, the spokesman for Kadima party Robert Tibayev said that Netanyahu's government should not interfere in the Armenian issue because it must be left to the historians and the international community.

Some Hebrew reports confirmed that the Israeli current government led by Netanyahu is moving towards the point of no return with Turkey through searching for issues that would increase estrangement with Ankara and is enhancing its international isolation through provoking side battles with countries that were recently classified as friendly states of the Zionist entity.


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