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Israeli occupation threaten to cut of power to Gaza

Israeli occupation threaten to cut of power to Gaza

Al Qassam website - MP Jamal Khudari the director of the Popular Committee against the Siege affirmed that the proposal of the Zionist Environment Minister Gilad Erdan to cut off the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip is very serious and considered it a death penalty.

In a statement on Sunday, Khudari stated that raising such issue during the Sunday cabinet meeting signals real humanitarian disasters, on health, environment, society, education and many other aspects of life.

He also stressed that Israel, as an occupying force and according to the international law, is obliged to provide all the Gaza Strip’s supplies and to completely end the siege, instead of proposing to cut off the electricity.

The MP explained that ending the Gaza siege requires a series of actions, most importantly opening the commercial crossings, allowing the entrance of all goods and supplies, opening the seaport between Gaza and the rest of the world, re-opening the safe passage between Gaza and the West Bank and reconstructing the Gaza Airport.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" considered that the Zionist Minister’s threats to cut off electricity and gas to Gaza aim at escalating the restrictive measures against Gaza and the suffering of its citizens.

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman, said in a press release on Sunday (May 13) that Erdan’s proposal "reflects the state of confusion experienced by the Zionist entity thanks to the steadfastness of Gaza and the international sympathy with its residents, and uncovers the true face of occupation."

He further stressed that raising such issue at this time is meant to divert the world and the media’s attention from the crimes and abuses against the prisoners in the occupation’s jails.

As a result, Barhoum demanded the Arab countries, particularly Egypt, to work on providing Gaza with fuel, electricity and gas.

It must be noted that the Zionist Environment Minister’s proposal that had been outlined in a letter during the Sunday cabinet meeting, came as a result of the expected risk of Israeli power shortages in summer.

Yet, the Gaza Strip has experienced its worst electricity and fuel crisis, since nearly three months, which has impacted all aspects of life, such as health, education, infrastructure and sanitation projects.


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