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Israeli Supreme Court Orders Settlers to Leave

Israeli Supreme Court Orders Settlers to Leave

Al Qassam website - On Sunday, Israel's supreme court ordered Jewish settlers from Migron to leave the largest Jewish outpost in the West Bank or face forced eviction.

The settlers, which comprises of 50 families have been asked to leave the outpost by the 1st August. This has caused outrage amongst activists against settlements who claimed that they would be moved to another settlement only a few miles away.

Benjamin Netinyahu, who has been vehemently for the settlement expansion programme in the West Bank, called for the settlers to stay for another three years to avoid confrontation and until it was safe to relocate them to a newly authorized settlement in the West Bank which would be completed by 2015.

The panel of judges, which according to Haaretz included a new conservative chief justice, Asher Grunis, made the decision on Sunday where they stated that "such a deal would be to flout the rule of law"

Although there are currently 330,000 Jewish Israeli settlers living in the West Bank, this is still considered illegal under UN and International law. Source:Agencies


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