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Three resistance men killed in Gaza

Three resistance men killed in Gaza

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Three Palestinian  resistance men have been  killed in a mysterious blast  inside a training site belonging to the Palestinian- Public Resistance Committees (PRCs) in Rafah city at south of Gaza Strip on May 31, 2011.

Al Qassam correspondent said that massive explosion hit Rafah city, and caused of large destruction, however, the blast was targeting one of Palestinian resistance training sites specifically for the Public Resistance Committees, the blast led to killing three Palestinian resistance men who were evacuated to Abu Yousef Al Nagar hospital in the city.

The spokesman of the ambulance and emergency services Adham Abu Silmya said that the three martyrs were killed in abu Attaya training site belonging to the PRCs.

Palestinian medical sources identified the three martyr as Mahmoud al Arqan, Ramzi Abu Harb and Younis Abu Naga.

Palestinian security services said that the reasons behind the blast still unknown, while investigation  opened in the incident.

Israeli occupation  forces and its intellegence  apparatuses conduct secret war against the Palestinian resistance factions, recently Israeli occupation air force assassinated three Qassam leaders, Ismail Lubbad , Abdullah Lubbad and Mohammed al Dayah by the help of its spies in the Gaza Strip.

Actually,  Israeli occupation intellegence services push its collaborators to plant ground mines inside the training  sites of the Palestinian resistance factions to cause a state of insecurity and fear in the Strip.


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