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Who is Qassam commander Lubad?

Who is Qassam commander Lubad?

Al Qassam website- Gaza Strip- Its difficult to talk in these  few lines about  a man and a commander who sacrificed his soul cheaply for the sake of Allah, he started his life as a Mujahed with all what he had, he made the most of his time for the superior goal he so long sacrificed for.

These lines are not more than a few words to know part of Qassam leader’s life, the Mujahed Ismail Lubad ”Abu Jafar” the brave leader who was martyred in a cowardly Israeli assassination attempt targeted him with number of Mujahedeen in their car in the Khan Younis City.

“Abu Jaffar the Martyr”

The 33-year- old martyr Ismail Lubad was born in the Beach refugee camp western Gaza Strip, where he finished his school study in its schools , he was a fresh young man, taking part in the First Intifada activities, throwing stones at the Israeli enemy soldiers.

At the time Palestinian Authority entered to Gaza and West Bank territories, Ismail, as many others of the Islamic movement members was kidnapped and tortured for many times by the Palestinian intelligence apparatuses and the preventive security forces in the year of 1996.

In addition to his work in the Al Qassam Brigades the armed wing of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, Ismail worked in Hamas’s Dawa committees  in the Beach refugee camp.

He was the special bodyguard of Dr- Abdul Aziz Al Rantisi the former leader of Hamas movement who was assassinated by the Israeli occupation warplanes in 2004.

As  well trained fighter, Ismail was injured to his right eye which severely damaged when he was launching mortar shells towards the Israeli occupation settlements, he was able to leave Gaza for treatment with the defeat of the Israeli enemy from Gaza Strip.

Israeli occupation forces attempted to assassinate the Qassam leader Ismail Lubad  in an air raid targeted him in Al Nser neighborhood in Gaza city.

Israeli occupation warplanes bombed his home during the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008-2009. See below the Photos of Qassam commander-Martyr Ismail Lubad:


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