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Israeli settlers Kill Palestinian man

Israeli settlers Kill Palestinian man

Al Qassam website-  Occupied Jerusalem- A Palestinian citizen was killed in a cold blood when Israeli extremist settler ran over him with his car in the occupied city of Jerusalem Thursday March 31, 2011.
Israel radio said that "the car ran over a Palestinian and killed him immediately," while the victim’s identity  is still  unknown until this moment.

Palestinian sources said that the Palestinian victim is in the thirties of age.
Israeli extremist settlers escalated their attacks against Palestinian citizens in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem during the last period, especially after the killing of an Israeli family at the hands of unknown persons in the illegal settlement of "Itamar" in mid-March, 2011.

These settlers - deemed illegal by all standards of international law - are most religious fanatics who routinely kill Palestinians and destroy their property, and even attack Israeli troops in the cause to expel more and more Arabs and secure more and more land to Jews. They have no regard for any sense of rule of law or humanitarian compassion, instead they are infused with a fanatical ideology of hate and colonialism.