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Einas Khalil, five years old Palestinian girl, died today after being hit by a car driven by an Israeli settler near the town of Sinjil north of Ramllah, Enias was with her friend Toleen on their way home from Kindergarten, Toleen now in in critical condition



Hamas mourns death of Turkish leader Erbakan

Hamas mourns death of Turkish leader Erbakan

Al Qassam website - The Hamas Movement has expressed its sincere condolences to Turkey's leadership and people for the death of noted Islamic intellectual and former premier Necmettin Erbakan.

In a message, Hamas hailed Erbakan for his honorable stands in support of the Palestinian cause and asked God to have mercy on him and to give his bereaved family strength and patience.

Former premier Erbakan died yesterday at the age of 85 in Ankara hospital where he had stayed since early January.