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US Congress funds Israeli terror

US Congress funds Israeli terror

Al Qassam website-May 22, 2010- In a dangerous and condemned step, the United States Congress voted Thursday to approve $205 million in aid to Israel for the Iron Dome missile defense system. The funding passed by a vote of 410 to 4, with eight abstentions.

By this unjust and prejudiced decision of supporting Israeli terror, US declares full hostility against the unarmed Palestinian people.

The US congress declarations show dishonest intentions towards the issue of Palestine and also show the American contradiction when dealing with the issue of settlements expansion and inhuman acts of Israeli occupation forces.

This American hypocrisy and prejudiced behavior shown in House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman's speech when he said:"  We must ensure that our most important ally in the region has the tools to defend itself ".

Meanwhile, the Jewish Florida Congressman Ted Deutch announced that " Iron Dome “could help save the lives of innocent Israelis who every day live in fear of rocket attacks on their homes, schools, and marketplaces".

Here, the strong effect of the Zionist lobby on the American policy is very clear and enough to realize that America is still controlled by a group of criminals who are creating conflicts among peoples of the world to serve their own interests.

Ted Deutch Could provide assistance for his own people ,the Zionists, but also could harm the American people who realized the risk of Zionist Lobby in US Congress and his suspected role in affecting American policy when dealing with the world .

Most important to mention that Zionist lobby can affect the American policy in the region by providing help for Zionist entity , but Palestinian people can not affect in Obama's policy to protect himself from any Zionist aggression. Zionists also can find somebody to fund their criminal intentions to spread death everywhere especially in Palestine.

 Funding such project by US Congress aims to protect David, Noam and Amit, but at the same time, aims to kill Mohammed, Ali and Fatema, what a shame ?!.

Doubtless ,this prejudiced vote shows that the new administration of US government headed by Obama, the despicable, is a weak, disabled and has nothing to offer the world except more and more bloodsheds.

Military Expertes mentioned that the Iron Dome missile defense system is a useless system and will never provide protection for Zionist entity whether now or in the future.

Zionist occupation imposes unjust siege on Gaza people since four years ago, while international community and human rights organizations stand silent towards this war crime.

Moreover, and at the time Zionist entity imposes siege on Gaza, preventing simple humanitarian supplies, food, fuel and medicines, US Congress gives military support for what so-called Israel to commit more crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people.