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European political figures soon in Gaza

European political figures soon in Gaza

Al Qassam website - It is expected to arrive to the Gaza Strip early on October parliamentary and political figures from around the world, especially European in the campaign of "international solidarity with the children in the Gaza Strip."

The campaign launched by "Partners for Peace and the British Development "Foundation in cooperation with the International Committee to lift the siege on Gaza and the International Committee for the "support of Palestine."

Ali Al Nazli, the spokesman for the campaign, said on Monday that several European institutions wanted to form a front range of institutions and organizations to launch a campaign in solidarity with the children of the Gaza Strip who are suffering from poor conditions due to the blockade on the Gaza Strip three years ago.

He explained that the campaign, which will include about a hundred of political and parliamentary figures, particularly from Europe, will arrive Egypt on September 25. It is expected to reach the strip on the Sixth of October through the Rafah crossing.

He pointed out that the campaign will include a hundred ambulances bought from Egypt and 375 electric cars for the disabled, in addition to special food for allergies and other medical equipment needed by the strip and will be dedicated to children.

The goal of the campaign is to highlight the suffering of Palestinian children, especially in the strip and highlight all the issues they face, as well as addressing all the rights the children are deprived because of the blockade and the Zionist aggression.

The spokesman for the campaign asked to pressure the Zionist entity to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza strip, "so that all the Palestinian people to attain their natural rights as the rest of the world."

He hoped that the campaign of solidarity enters the Gaza Strip without any obstacles because they carry a humanitarian mission, hoping that the Egyptian authorities to deal positively with the campaign and do not hinder entry into the strip.


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