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European activists intend to resist siege on Gaza

European activists intend to resist siege on Gaza

Agencies - Hamdi Shaat, the head of the government committee for the reception of delegations, stated Monday that a number of foreign activists intend to organize intensive solidarity campaigns in different European states against the Zionist siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

In a press release issued by the committees information office, Shaat said that the solidarity campaigns include the opening of photo exhibitions about the Zionist war on Gaza and the organization of symposia, lectures, protests and new anti-siege convoys.

The Palestinian official pointed out that a powerful anti-siege movement emerged in Europe, adding the multinational activists who returned from Gaza work as ambassadors for the distressed Gaza people and carry their sufferings and concerns worldwide.

The official also explained that the government committee had organized field visits for many delegations to bombed areas in Gaza and meetings with prisoners families, and worked on keeping these visiting delegations informed about different aspects of Gaza peoples daily suffering under the siege which gave them the impetus to interact strongly with the besieged peoples issues.

The government committee had announced earlier that it finished all preparations to receive the European "Hope" for Gaza convoy that is expected to arrive in the Strip this week.



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