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Zionist army kills then cries and lies

Zionist army kills then cries and lies

Al-Qassam website - Despite the images of live broadcasts and the international reports, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the army of occupation, Dan Harel, denied the illegal use of phosphorous bombs, and said that the use is consistent with international law. He added that during the war, they stop the use of those bombs because of international criticism. However, he pointed out that the army has no intention of stopping the use of such bombs.


About the Zionist soldiers witnesses on the Zionist television a month ago in Gaza, killing civilians without justification, and the accusation of Zionist politicians of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during the war on the Gaza Strip. Despite the confessions of the soldiers in the war on Gaza, Zionist entity acquitted itself of the charge.


The acquaintance came after alleged investigations and a report concludes that the army had not intentionally affect Palestinian civilians, admitting to some of intelligence errors that led to the deaths of civilians.


Palestinian lawyer Shawqi Al-Esa said, commenting on the report, that the Zionist entity deliberately expose some of the confessions by the soldiers and then set up a military commission of biased inquiry to reach this result, to hoodwink the international observers, to prevent the formation of an international commission of fair inquiry and to stop international criticism.


The media quoted from Deputy Chief of Staff of the army of occupation, Dan Harel, who presented the findings of the report, saying:small part of cases indicates the existence of intelligence or operational errors caused the harm the civilian population. He said that some of the claims of Palestinians turned out to be true or greatly exaggerated. Strangely, Harel blamed part of the "mistakes" of the Hamas movement. He added:An intelligence mistake led to the bombing of the house of Ad-Daya family in Az-Zeitoun neighborhood and killed in 21 people. We found a few mistakes after examining dozens of cases".


Commenting on this, Dr. Ahmed Tibi said: The Zionist army kills then start crying and lying. He added:" The credibility of the Zionist army and its leadership is shaky; this army kills and then cries and lies".


Tibi called for the government and the army in the Zionist entity to back down from their refusal to deal with the Commission of Inquiry established by the United Nations because it is the authority in charge of this investigation.