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Martyrs Memorial

Alaa Mohammed Ash-Shukri

  • Assassitnation
  • Gaza city
  • 2003-03-02
Alaa Mohammed Ash-Shukri

Suheib Abed Al A'al

  • Martyred: Assassination
  • Gaza city
  • 2008-12-27
Suheib Abed Al A'al



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Khalid Jomaa

Khalid Jomaa
  • Martydom Way: Assassination
  • Jabalia city
  • 2003-03-08

Jabalia camp


Name: Khalid Hassan Ahmed Jomaa.

Residence: Jabalia camp.

Date of martyrdom: March 8th, 2003.

Way of martyrdom: Assassination.


A Zionist rocket targeted him and split his body into two fragments. On Saturday, March 8th, 2003, Khalid went out of his house to his work as a companion or a guard for Dr. Ibrahim Al-Maqadema, one the most famous of Hamas leaders. He had no idea that this morning is the last one. While he was with the doctor in the car, Zionist warplanes targeted them with many rockets so that their pure body turned into fragments.




Khalid Hassan Ahmed Jomaa was born on May 15th, 1971 in Amer project village near Jabalia camp. He finished his secondary school, but he could not continue due to the difficult conditions that the people of the camp live in.


His relationship with his parents was very good, especially, with his mother. He loved his four daughters Balsam, Imtithal, Ayat and Rawan despite that he did not have sons.


He realized his hope:


He loved Dr. Ibrahim very much that his hope was to martyr with him, and he achieved what he had hoped. His wife said that Khalid loved his mother, brothers and children very much. 'I am proud of him; he was a good symbol for the Muslim youth who enjoys an sense rarely found in others' she said.


He was a human:


Trying to collect some fragments of her thoughts and memories, his mother said:'how could I describe him to someone who had never met him or talked to him? He was modest, simple, polite'etc. Every time he sat with me, he told me to do like the mother of the martyr Mohammed Al-Abed when she said fare well to him before martyrdom.


Why did they kill him'?!


An important question was raised by Khalid's nephew, 5 years; I will take revenge from those Zionists who killed my uncle.


Khalid started his work as Hamas member in the first intifada, when he was an active person in resisting the occupation. He was arrested twice during his life; the first one was in the Zionist prisons, where he spent three years.


In 1999, Khalid tried to enter some explosives inside the occupied territories to perform a martyrdom operation, but he was discovered by the Palestinian Authority who arrested him for two years. After his release, in the beginning of this intifada, he worked with Dr. Al-Maqadema, whom he left this life with.

Military Communiqué

Al Qassam Brigades mourns Khalid Ahmed Jomaa

As Al Aqsa Intifada against the occupation assault on the Palestinian people continues, Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades has its best men to sacrifice themselves to defend their people from any attack by the enemy ... Today, Al-Qassam Brigades mourns the death of the Mujahed:

Khalid Hassan Ahmed Jomaa                     [29 years old]

Jabalia camp – North of Gaza strip

A Zionist warplane bombed the bus that he was in, so he martyred at once. The Mujahed was martyred after many years of hard work and sacrifice in defending his home from the Zionist occupation.

Al Qassam Brigades mourn the death of the Mujahedeen, reaffirms the commitment and determination to continue the resistance against the belligerent occupation forces.

Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

March 8th, 2003

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