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Hamas PLC: Reconciliation is a major achievement for the Palestinian people

Hamas PLC: Reconciliation is a major achievement for the Palestinian people

  • The next Government will be legitimized by the PLC
  • Hamas in Salfeet is strong and it will restore its activity

An interview from Salfeet-West Bank in the Occupied Territories

Q: What is your comment on signing of the reconciliation?

A: Reconciliation is a major achievement for the Palestinian people and will reflect positively if the both parties execute the exact terms of the reconciliation deal. The biggest winners of them are Fatah movement in Gaza and Hamas in the West Bank.

The only loser of the reconciliation is the occupation; it is hoped after this reconciliation to stand strong and united against the Zionist crimes. We will be able to maintain the Palestinian rights, and we will be able to gain major achievements for our people.

Q: Since the signing of reconciliation, the Zionist entity detained 50 Palestinians from various factions, mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad ... How you read this? What are the real objectives behind these detainees?

A: The detaining campaigns against the resistance factions indicate that the occupation is not satisfied with the reconciliation, which reveals the real reason in disrupting reconciliation over the past years. And also reveal the falsity of the claim that the regional actors behind division, the main purpose of these detaining campaigns is clear.

Q: What is required to form the next government? What are its most important duties?

A: The desired shape of the next government is to be of independent ministers, and they have to be faithful to their cause and their people, and be able implementation their duties.

We emphasis that the next government will work in the field of mines, its most important duties is to reunite the Palestinian society after the division in the past years, and to work hard to remove the security Chaos in the way to prepare for fair and democratic elections.

Q: There are demands that the government will not be offer to the Legislative Council, What is your response?

A: If the PLC did not approved the next government means the destruction of the Palestinian democracy, and a flagrant violation of the Palestinian Basic Law. It would be justified in the future to violate this Constitution under false pretenses.

Then that this means that the PLC will not have the ability to control of this government, this means that the government would be uncontrollable, no different from the government of Salam Fayyad, which committed crimes against the Palestinian people, and violated all the laws without any supervision or control.

Q: What is your message to the Palestinian people?

A: My message to the Palestinian people to stand and persist behind the reconciliation, Palestinians must not allow to anyone destroy the reconciliation, or violation of its provisions, because it is the guarantee of access to our large goals against an enemy seeks to harm us day and night, we are at a crossroads, and the regional conditions is changing to our side.


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