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Dr. Odwan: No solution but Return to homeland

Dr. Odwan: No solution but Return to homeland

Professor Atef Odwan, the deputy in the Palestinian Legislative Council from Hamas parliamentary bloc and the Minister of Refugee Affairs in the tenth government, stressed that the hope of the Palestinian refugee to return home has become closer than ever, insisting on the right of return. We will not forget Palestine and we cannot give up", he said.

Dr. Odwan said in an interview in the sixty-first anniversary of the Nakba, the Palestinian refugee tortured by his brothers, who are expected to support and help him "to liberate Palestinian land which is the land of Islam and Muslims," noting that there is not moral, religious, fraternal, political or legal justification to do so.

The following is the full text of the interview:


* In the sixty-first anniversary of the Nakba... What does Dr. Atef Odwan say?

The more years the Palestinian people suffer the more hopeful to return they become, as the accumulation of the Palestinian efforts since the beginning of migration to this day makes them close to their homeland. I say to Palestinian people what the Palestinian parties in Europe raised "one Sixty years and we are closer to Palestine," and I say that the insistence on the right of return, this position held by the great Palestinian people, migrants and displaced persons, both in the Gaza Strip or in Arab countries hosting migrants, or even in European countries is a good indication promising that we will not forget Palestine, although the work of some of those who have given up and abandoned their patriotism.


* There are many attempts to settle the Palestinian refugees in Arab countries, or and resettle them in Western countries, what is your comment?

   In fact, there is no Arab country approves the issue of resettlement, and unfortunately this does not reflect national position from the Arab States. The Palestinian people in particular who have been displaced from their countries do not want to find a country other than Palestine, but they want a degree of respect and humanity from their brothers, but unfortunately, when we see that there are hundreds of Palestinians on the Syrian-Iraqi border, and hundreds of others on the Iraqi-Jordanian border, not allowed to enter either of these two countries despite the considerable violence in Iraq, while allowing for more than 2 million Iraqis entering Jordan and Syria, as if there is racial discrimination against the Palestinian people and the charge is to be refugees.


Therefore, we find that they agree to leave to Brazil because they did not find any respect as a group of people who have charters approved by the human rights because human rights wherever they went should be treated as a human being.

* We find that with the ongoing suffering of refugees, although they are trying to resettle them in some areas, what can be done by the Palestinian leadership to assist in the resolution of their suffering?

Indeed, to say that the Palestinian refugees scattered throughout the world, whether inside Palestine or displaced in villages in Palestine, in addition to the refugees in the Gaza Strip (about 18 of refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and about 10 camps in Jordan), approximately the same number in Lebanon and also a number close to These numbers are in Syria, in addition to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the countries of Western Europe, South America and the United States and, therefore, the reality is that we cannot treat all parties with the same curriculum and standard.


The Palestinian who refuge to Europe or Latin America finds a measure of satisfaction, but he still homesick. He is showing many of the activities and many of the defenses of the Palestinian cause and demonstrations, meetings, media and political order to explain the suffering of the Palestinian people to show his patriotism and his wish to return to home.


They succeeded to inform major sectors of international public opinion on the suffering of Palestinians and increase the proportion of world public opinion sympathizes with the Palestinian issue. Without those Palestinians in Europe, we would not have been able to explain this issue properly for the European public opinion and public opinion in both the U.S. both North and South.

More deepening tragedy in the Arab and Islamic country, I mean, for example, in Lebanon's Palestinian refugee in Lebanon are prevented to access to work, there is a decision of the Lebanese government to prevent Palestinian access to 76 posts in Lebanon; how can they live in Lebanon. Also, the Palestinian is prevented to restore his house, otherwise, they court will accuse and give order to detain him. They do not find appropriate work to feed their children, and they live to large extent on the UNRWA aids and benefactors from around the Arab and Muslim world.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which is now under siege, refugees are part of the Palestinian people surrounded, killed, tortured in the continuing Zionist crimes. Unfortunately, there is Arab silence almost amounted to a conspiracy, therefore, reality is a bitter reality and a difficult reality, but with patience and trust in Allah we'll reach the victory, God willing.


* Since the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" is leading the Palestinian Legislative Council at the present time, what is provided to the refugees and their cause?

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" emerged in the late stage of the case after nearly 40 years of tragedy and the Palestinian Nakba. There is great work done by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement of the Palestinian people and migrants in particular: The first of these business is taking them back to their senses after there was a strong and deep cracks in the members of the Palestinian, because there are multiple affiliations, some of them become belongs to the west and east.

Then, when the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" came, it established an armed wing working on the ground and strongly fighting the Zionists. This wing established a new path; this path has its own methods and faith that his vision may differ greatly from what was found in the Palestinian arena.

Of course, the Palestinian people understand the recent situation of the movement and the Palestinian people as a result of the siege, which was not result of the desire of Hamas, but imposed on Hamas and the Palestinian people, and Hamas has done everything it can to ease the embargo and to circumvent the policy by the United States of America, and liabilities of the Palestinian people, whether from home or from abroad. Certainly, the series of progress will continues in the future.


What does Dr. Odwan say to the Arab and Muslim countries? And to what does he invite them?

I remember some lines relevant to this situation. The poet says:

Live people can hear, but not died ones.

We must know the proper reality in which we live, if the Arab regimes are able to have real political influence and realistic in the world political scene, perhaps they might reduced or lift the siege imposed on us, and perhaps might changed our reality to the best, particularly as we fight the enemy on behalf of this nation, and we did good job. We sacrifice our bloods and souls while they ignore us and do not stand with us or supply us. This is a natural extension of their political attitudes in the past and present.


* Your word to the Palestinian refugees in the diaspora and the Arab and Islamic world?

What I say to the brothers of refugees in the exile and in home, the more years the closer is the promise of Allah the Almighty. We trust in Allah's promise, so we need more patience and consistency and more adherence to our faith. The more we stick to our faith in God the more we are close to our homes in Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and Akka and all Palestine.




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