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Abu Marzouq: We extend our hands and hearts to dialogue

Abu Marzouq: We extend our hands and hearts to dialogue

Deputy of the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Mosa Abu Marzouq, said that the reconciliation was achievable unless Fatah retreat, stressing that Hamas will go to dialogue with open hands and hearts.      

Dr. Abu Marzouq referred to impact of the external interventions on the national dialogue, saying:"The external interventions have bad effects on the Palestinian unity. The division was due to these interventions like the non-recognition to the Palestinian elections, stressing that the more this interventions still the long the Palestinian problem stays.    

The body of the interview:

To start from the dialogue in Cairo, where did it stop?

The dialogue had many stages: the basic stage was the second; the dialogue lasted for 9 days, and main issues in different files were achieved, but still controversial issues in four files which are: security, elections, government and PLO.

I think that we could have finished all files unless there was retreat from Fatah to go on; they escalated the situation especially in the files of security; this led us to stop the dialogue at the agreed points, and the third stage had nothing new except the Egyptian proposal.

What about the Egyptian proposal?

It is a proposal to get out of the dilemma of the political sentence in the political program of the government. Egypt thinks that there are still conditions on any coming government, so they wanted to turn around this point by proposing a committee follow Abu Mazen or Fayyad,s government politically, but it follows the government of Ismail Haniyeh administratively.

This committee takes over the responsibility to implement what is approved in the dialogue. I think this proposal will be discussed on 26th of this month.

What is the opinion of Hamas on this proposal?

The movement discussed this proposal in details, and it has a clear vision about this point in the next dialogue. It is not good to talk about this in the media because we are not going to discuss this proposal in media.

We spread our hands to reconciliation, and we will deal seriously with all proposals including the Egyptian one; we will talk about it clearly with the Egyptian host.

If we moved to PLO file, what are the points of agreement and disagreement?

There is not a big trouble here except one issue; it was agreed to form a temporary and non-dismissed leadership deals with exact issues like: monitoring the ongoing dialogue, discussing the political issues of the Palestinian people, and preparing for the restructuring of the national council. The controversial issue is about the word: Is this temporary leadership a leadership for the Palestinian people? I think it is not big problem.      

January is the date of the presidential and legislative elections and the notional council also, Is it conclusive?

The link between the election inside and abroad on 25th of January is profit for all our people not only one party because at last the Palestinian people will choose his governor inside and outside. If this happen, it will be the first time to decide the future of the Palestinian leadership this way. This is very positive thing, we will do hard job to keep this date.

We heard about reforming the PLO in the previous dialogues in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Are there guarantees not to repeat that again?

There are no guarantees, but everyone is in a bad need for an umbrella that covers all Palestinian people. All agreed on PLO as the first organization talks about the Palestinian identity; this gives the Palestinian issue more power and insistence and keep it on the international Agenda.

After the victory of Gaza, Hamas hinted to forming a new frame of reference for the resistance movements, What is your comment?

This thing was misunderstood because it talks about a frame of reference for the resistance not all Palestinian people. It is not alternative to the PLO; we still insist on our position that considers the PLO as the reference of all Palestinian people, especially after specifying its policies.

Do you think that Fatah has the decision in the file of PLO and other controversial files?

The external interventions have bad effects on the Palestinian unity, and if they still, there will be a big problem in the Palestinian street. We should know that there are many changes that make the world change its vision about the results of the Palestinian elections and about joining Hamas in the political process after they used everything like siege, overthrow and war.

Their failure in the previous attempts leads them to think in an alternative solution to deal with Hamas in the future. Therefore, they started talking about a vision to deal with Hamas from a logical perspective.

Obama administration came with a slogan of change Is there any concrete change in your inter-relation?

The new American administration came under the title of change, inside and outside, but the administration focuses at this time on the issues of Iraq, Afghanistan, West Europe and Turkey; the file of the Middle East does not have the priority now. The American administration still has part of time to prove its change; this may take 6 months.

Therefore, I say it is difficult for now to judge the positions of the American administration because it has not practice any effort related to the Palestinian cause.

About the meetings, Hamas is open to anyone to deliver our massage and to clarify our positions away from the Zionist distortion and claims.

What about the European relations? The last period witnessed intensified meetings with governmental and nongovernmental delegations?

The relations with most of the European countries are not recent; there are many European relations, but most of them were off-media. After the war on Gaza, there was opportunity to talk about these relations more freely. Most of the Europeans are more able to understand Hamas than others. We can say that it still just a public relations and attempts to answer the questions related to Hamas policy and goals.

Generally, this situation is good, and we can build on it. We can demand Europe to jump more steps like: moving Hamas from the blacklist, starting official relations directly, and attempting to have an agenda different from America.

After the end of the military war and the start of the political war, What are the cards that Hamas owns?

  • The support of the Palestinian people due to her resistance and victory; this was proved in the election in 2006.
  • The disability of the other to remove her either by siege, overthrow, cutting off sources and war at the end.
  • Who refused to speak with Hamas retreated now and called for dialogue, and who imposed siege on Hamas got bored of his failure.
  • Hamas has the resistance, the legitimacy, the popularity, and the support of the whole nation.
  • Hamas has a good relations with many countries weather it is official or not.
  • I agree that the American administration has the ability to form the political paths to isolate Hamas, but Hamas succeeded to impose her existence in all fields.

Thanks Allah for all.

What about the restrictions on borders to prevent the introduction of weapons. Would this affect Hamas power?

We are a resistant movement; we do not have our weapons through official contracts between countries. We bring our weapons the way we like, and it is our right to arm our people to defend our cause.

The position should be to provide resistance with weapons to defend it fair rights against the Zionist aggression.

The Zionist extremist government continues it unfair measures against Jerusalem, through these measures and others, How can you read the Zionist vision on the compromise project?

 To speak blankly, Since Oslo, the Zionist enemy has been dealing with the Palestinian issue for a political purpose that is the two-state solutions: Palestinian state and Jewish state through too long negotiations. The third issue is to create facts that cannot be changed.

Nowadays, there is a clear Zionist policy; they talk about compromise with Palestinians in conditions. We see that they are seeking for a failure to impose the facts they create like in Jerusalem; they exaggerated the issue of Jerusalem until it became unable to be put on the table of negotiations. The Palestinian residents are just 20% of the popularity. In addition, no one can talk about West Bank, 67 borders or the apartheid wall which swallow its lands.  

How do you see the future of the compromise project?

I do not think that the two-state solution has no opportunity for success. The situation is still the same, and the Palestinian negotiator will find anything. Our duty is to foil any new compromise that would violate the Palestinians rights, especially in Jerusalem.

Therefore, I call to the people of compromise to evaluate their achievements for 14 years and to be honest with their people. And not to continue in this way, or they could not regret the past, then.

What is the future of the resistance according to the current challenges?

The challenges are great, especially, the internal ones which related to wide part of Palestinian people who sees the Zionist side as a partner in drawing the picture of the future. Due to this we find the arrests and the aggressive measures practiced by the security services against anyone may think of resistance. This is a big challenge, and we must close this paper.

Despite all of that, the resistance still enjoys a good position in the Arab and Islamic court. The resistance is still has the support of the Palestinian people inside an outside. The resistance is still has many cards to use.

The last war on Gaza may be turning point; it proved that the resistance cannot be removed. The steadfastness of the resistance empowers it to lead the battle against the Zionist entity. We should depend on resistance to achieve our rights, then, we are not afraid of our future.               


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