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Abu Obiada answered the latest news about Shalit and the Martyrdom operations against the

Abu Obiada answered the latest news about Shalit and the Martyrdom operations against the


  • Why is Hamas and Fatah fight each other in the Gaza Strip?

Hamas and Al-Qassam Brigades were patient since Oslo agreements. We did not begin fighting or targeting Fatah leaders or members despite our expose to torture and arrest by the Oslo Authority who cooperate with the occupation forces. After the latest elections in January 2006, the target on Hamas became an international plot by the internal elements. So , the conspiracy is external-internal together.


There should be a repel to the Zionist-American project which targeted Hamas and its government. America support A Palestinian side with weapons ,  ammunition  and money to end Hamas control.


This international interfere was the cause behind splitting the Palestinian people and erupting the fight which was not planned by us.   


  • What is the justification behind the  martyrdom operations against the " Israeli" civilians?

As muslims ,we don not accept killing innocents whoever they are. Our religion order us to be sympathetic on civilians , weakers , children , women and old people but the theory between us and the ( Israel) is different. The " Israelis" are usurping our land , expelling us , killing our civilians and are not accepting our rights in this land.


Despite all that , we did not target any Zionist civilian before 1994. The target was the soldiers only but the situation was different after the Ibrahimi mosque massacre in 1994. The Ibrahimi mosque massacre was the straw that broke the camel's back.


So we did not begin targeting civilians and the Israeli enemy was the one who began the target. Also, the Israeli media turned the truth in many issues. One important note is that many martyrdom operations were not against civilians but against soldiers as not every one who wear the civilian uniform is an innocent  civilian in " Israel" because the " Israeli" society is a " security militant" society and most of the civilians are serving in the army.


  • What is the latest news about Shalit?

The ball is in the Zionist playground. Our demands were not unjust but they are releasing for the children , women ,the ill people and those who had high sentences. The enemy rejected these human demands and we are holding on our right of releasing the Palestinian prisoners. We will never give up this holy right.  

  • If the situation develops into a long-term Hudna, do you think that EQB loses its justification to exist?

The term Hudna means " stopping fighting from both sides on the basic that each side should respect the stipulations till the period was terminated to the Hudna". If there is a "Hudna" and our political leadership decide commit to it, we will keep to this Hudna but we will supervise the Zionist occupation forces commitment as there will never be a " Hudna" " a ceafire" from one side. 


The Hudna is temporary because Palestine is still occupied and the enemy is continuing the construction of settlements. The situation may explode any time.



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